Medip Health equips the 32 rooms of the new IMED COLÓN hospital, recently inaugurated, with touch screens for hospitalized patients and implements its digital signage system in waiting rooms.


 The patient at home


 Aligned with the energy efficiency plans that IMED implements in all its centers, both companies maintain a strategic alliance to improve the stay of hospitalized patients,


 As part of the humanization of patient recovery plans, in all IMED hospital centers, Medip Health has equipped each of the hospitalization rooms with a medical-grade touch computer that integrates the Medip software platform, making it easier for patients to patients their entertainment and communication with the outside world by accessing a multitude of multimedia applications.


 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"At Medip Health we work with proposals that go beyond technology, our focus is on the patient, we want them to feel at home, it is a window open to the outside to connect with family and acquaintances, entertain themselves with television, browsing the internet, access to interactive games, etc… in short, helping you improve your stay, something essential in the recovery process,” comments Daniel Vicente, general director of Medip Health.


Furthermore, to improve communication with patients, the IMED management has decided to implement a communication channel so that information flows, which promotes proximity and reaches whoever is interested, as part of the humanization processes. Hospital information, prevention campaigns, healthy advice or notices, among others, will be offered from the screens. It is an evolutionary technology that has been designed to digitize different processes that the hospital considers implementing in the future.


Digital signage; real time information


Human factor + cutting-edge technology is the motto of IMED, hence the new IMED COLÓN hospital has the most avant-garde technology in all its areas.


Digital signage is present in waiting rooms and busy spaces with a network of screens that allow information on health campaigns, treatment promotions, product offerings, entertainment or general information of great interest to be displayed.


 The system implemented by Medip Health incorporates Spinetix-Intel players that facilitate its management from IMED\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s own central services, with templates that integrate current tools for corporate use to feed other company communication channels, such as its website or the RSS news.


It is a guaranteed, scalable and future-proof digital signage technology. Medip Health has already installed 45 screens at IMED Elche, 60 screens at IMED Valencia and 6 at IMED Torrevieja and now at the new IMED Colón. Furthermore, the work methodology at an operational level is similar but more efficient, thanks to a training plan adapted to the specific needs of the company. A technology prepared to size the number of screens in all centers in the future, without entailing an increase in central infrastructure or new operating expenses.


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